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03/08/2005 07:16:41   Mel   We are in the process of manufacturing alloy rocker boxes for the V4. The design is now complete and being coded for machining. They look great and as a taster the designer has put an animation on his website. Take a look and let us know what you think!
Go to from products go to animation and download, it takes a while as it's a large file, but it is well worth the effort.  
03/08/2005 10:11:15   Senor Burt   Nice.
Abysmal web site though.
What's happening with your site Mel?  
03/08/2005 13:15:27   simon   Bella bella.

ps. what's happening with your car Senor?  
03/08/2005 16:05:22   simon   2nd thoughts. What about breather take off hoses?  
03/08/2005 21:37:47   John Wood (   Got bored waiting for it to load. Website sucks.  
03/08/2005 23:42:31   Senor Burt   Still awaiting a cash injection. Although I've been busy designing nice web sites that work, so there may be some progress soon.  
05/08/2005 13:22:26   simon   Good work Burt.  
05/08/2005 13:23:30   simon   ps, 'odd' site but worked for me straight away.  
05/08/2005 17:08:01   Senor Burt   The CAD one? It works OK, just looks like it's been 'designed' by baboons. Doesn't exactly inspire confidence when a company has a poor website.  
05/08/2005 21:00:16   ian b   Nowt wrong with the website, probably designed for broadband so theres a lot to load but works fine for me....unlike my saab which has just been diagnosed as a terminal rust bucket ! and it all looked so shiney on top. No alloy covers for me i fear !  
11/08/2005 14:29:22   Steve H   Lovely - But how much Mel?

I presume being alloy they will seal better and leak less.

And the web site is fine. Are there really still ludites out there with dial up?  
12/08/2005 04:24:07   Sean Magee   Well, especially for those on dialup, the animated gif of the rotating rocker cover is a bit on the large size by convention...over 700kb...

Anyhow, I like the idea, but is there any reason why it can't have SAAB on it rather than just V4? That would be my preference. Any idea of $$?  
12/08/2005 07:55:20   Richard   I dont think Saab would let you put it on. Mel is playing it safe, I dont think they want Saab breathing down their neck.  
13/08/2005 11:40:17   mel   We are trying to get the manufacturing costs down! If we go for a UK company they will have to retail at 160-180 GBP + vat a pair, so they are not a cheap addition. Also remember we have to have 200 pairs cast!!!! is there 200 95/96 owners out there who want them bad enough! by not putting SAAB on the covers we hopefully can also sell to the FORD Taunus/corsair/zodiac etc side of the market.  
14/08/2005 16:13:45   Alex   Don't want to be a wet blanket, but didn't the Corsair and Zodiac have an Essex V4? Unless I am very much mistaking I don't think the Cologne- and Essex covers are interchangeable. Best option for finding buyers may be the German market with Taunuses, early Capris, Granadas, Transits and the occasional Munga.  
15/08/2005 13:46:28   Steve H   I think Alex is right as I once made the mistake of buying Essex rocker box gaskets. They are striaght at the bottom rather than steping in and out.  

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