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03/08/2005 22:09:59   tom   Hi, i have been issued an ultimation by my dad, get the saab ready for mot in 2 weeks! have done niggly jobs like fixing a broken indicator and windscreen washer. but now need to fix my passenger door, u can open it from the inside but not from the outside. when u put the key in the lock it wont work, i think this may be because its not the right key, but its works on everything else! is it likely to be a different lock or is it probally seized? what can i do to fix it? and is it nessesary fot the mot? hope u can help many thanks!  
03/08/2005 23:38:26   Senor Burt   The key swivels a plate that operates the latch. Take off the door panel and take look. You may be able to swing it into the right position by hand so the door will open from the outside. Obviously it's easy to remove the whole handle assembly at this point if you want to fiddle with it. The doors have to open from the outside for the MOT.  
04/08/2005 20:09:43   Alistair   Do they actually test this in the MOT?? Don't recall ever seeing them check if passenger door opens...  
05/08/2005 13:21:26   simon   Last MOT sailed through BUT he was gonna fail the car on the passenger door; as it had been locked with the key and thus could not be opened, a swift unlocking ensued!  
05/08/2005 14:03:02   Andrew   Hmm, mine sailed through a couple of weeks back and I don't have a key for my passenger door either. Makes me wonder about the validity of the MOT  
05/08/2005 14:41:36   simon   Surely down to the vigulance of the testing station?
Find the strictess in town and always go there, for a job well done.  
08/08/2005 16:59:26   Richard   They should test that the doors open. The lock has probably died from dirt and wear over the years. Its a common problem which is why you see alot of 96 owners with a large key ring full of different keys for all the different locks on the car. Try a Saab specialist, Brian at the Saab Sanctuary use to always have some.  
09/08/2005 21:28:33   tom   Hi again have fiddled with lock in the way senor burt suggested, and success! the door is now unlocked so can pass the mot like that! will prob lock it again in the same way after though.  
09/08/2005 22:34:33   tom   Have been thinking about fixing the door as while its not a major problem as i can still open it from the inside and thats how i will mostly open it anyway i would like to be able to unlock the door with a key. Is there anyone with a replacement barrel with key or even better two so i can replace both locks! any ideas on how to get a key cut to fit this lock would be appreciated, ie is there any number somehere on the lock that enables a new key to be cut? many thanks  

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