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04/08/2005 09:12:05   Alistair   Been contacted by a chap from SW France who has bought a 96V4 from a trader in Nelson (unseen, brave man!). He cannot collect to drive it home until 22/8, but the seller wants it out of the way asap.

Anyone able to collect & store on behalf of the new owner? It's MOTd & taxed so is road legal. Somwehere close to Neson or towards Leeds/Bradford would be ideal.

05/08/2005 13:59:45   Andrew   There's space on my drive (S Manchester) if no one more conveniently located to Lancs or Leeds can offer storage, but unless my 96 is being used, it would be in the open.  
05/08/2005 14:01:33   Andrew   Incidentally, I'm looking for an inexpensive winter garage for mine in the Stockport area if anyone knows of one to rent (prob Nov to March, or full time if reasonable enough).  
09/08/2005 10:23:39   Alistair   Thanks Andrew, I'm still hoping to find someone between Nelson & Leeds but if not - would you be able to collect for the chap?

09/08/2005 11:04:58   Andrew   Sure, I think it's only an hour or so from me.  
12/08/2005 23:39:09   Alistair   Andrew - I've tried to email you several times using the link to the left but it keeps being bounced, can you please confirm this is the right email address?

13/08/2005 01:02:08   Andrew   home mail is Al  

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