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05/08/2005 21:00:57   Clive   The indian yellow (orange) one is/was Rob Hendy's car. He was trying to sell it at the Historic Motorsport International in 2004. I remember having a good look at it then and had a brief chat with him about the car.

I think the white one is Kieron Patterson's car, which was also at the same event.  
08/08/2005 12:46:31   Richard   They are Rob and Kieron's cars.  
08/08/2005 21:14:52   neil   Do they represent good value???  
09/08/2005 08:04:30   Richard   Well mine cost half that with a trailer. Kierons is the better car but I would want to pay a grand or so less for it. I carnt comment on Rob's, from photos it looks to have been built to a good standard, but is missing the bits that you need in post historic, twin carbs and cr box.  

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