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13/03/2003 04:38:57   Tony Mastricola   I love saabs and I'm in need of transportation. I'd like to know what problems i will face if i get a saab v4. I really want somthing different and I'm not afraid of a good amount of quirkieness but I still want it to have it be functional. I also dont want it to cost an arm and a leg i've been looking around and they are pretty inexpensive if they arn't in show room condition, but is that all there is to it? I live in I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and i know its a saab but are there any winter problems i should know about. Thank you and could you please post your answer my email is really messed up  
14/03/2003 18:12:27   Alec   Well, I you said it, they are swedish and are excellent cars in the winter. the heater is better than most modern cars, they drive well in snow and so long as the engine is looked after (inexpensive) will not give problems.  
17/03/2003 23:56:08   louis   Hi Tony!
My father bought a 96 V4 in 1978 (it was a 1972 model) and has been used every day until 2001 when I (the son) decided to restore it! If that isn't reliable what is!!! Check out the pics on the site Louis Sautelle-Smith's V4 in Switzerland...
See ya
18/03/2003 13:38:49   Steve H   I have used V4s as daily unloved transport for 15 years now with the only maintainance being the normal consumerbles (include gearboxes in this list) and those problems caused by my own tinkering (fitting cast off racing engines with bad machining). As long as water is not getting in, they stay sound and if they do need work, its all pretty simple metal bashing stuff. Until I picked up a tank of dodgy petrol, I was running an unrestored 130k 1974 matt green V4 on less than a 100 a year in and around London with the occasional 80mph blast to Wales and back. I have never had a problem getting parts as lots of modern parts from other vehicles fit.  

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