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08/08/2005 18:20:06   Trevor   Hi, I am having trouble getting the horn to work, it seems there is 12v to the plunger and if put ot earth the horns sound, but where is the earth for the steering column? be most grateful if anyone can help as i am new to 96 v4's, 1974.  
08/08/2005 18:20:15   Trevor    
08/08/2005 19:02:28     Hi Trevor,

If you have 12v at the horn, the fuse (no. 5, 8A) is ok. There should be a black wire from horn to the horn contact on your steer. Pressing the horn contact on your steer connects this black wire with the ground (which is the steer's metal). So check the black wire connection (multi-meter) between steer and horn. Also check the connection between ground (chassis) and the black wire when pressing the horn contact on you steer, maybe the switch doesn't function.

There is also a connector between horn and the rest of the wire loom which can be faulty. If it is, you should notice it when checking the connections with the multi-meter as mentioned above.  
08/08/2005 21:03:38   Alex   It's not only 12v you need, you need enough ampere as well. Dirt and corrosion on connectors or fuse ends may give you 12v but not enough power to get the horn going. Look for dirt and corrosion inside connectors and at the fuse ends in particular. I learnt this when the fog light on my 99 was not working; there was 12v on the wire but no working fog light. It turned out to be bad connection in the fuse holder. A cleanup with some contact cleaner and a piece of sanding paper got things back into operation again.  
10/08/2005 08:20:57   Trevor   Thanks for all your thoughts, problem solved as there was no earth continuity wire across the universal joint on the steering column so the top half was not going to ground. The previous owner wired a swith on the dash board to get round this problem. Cheers trevor.  

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