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09/08/2005 08:01:07   Richard   Barts is the correct one with a vac take off for the servo and the upright take off with the ball valve for the small left hand side pipe on the rocker box.
You would have to do something different with the breather system and you need the extra vacuum of the plate to give enough breathing for the small breather take off on the rocker. You really need that breather to go to a high vacuum area (not the filter box, note that the breather pipe on the rocker is larger on the right). If you go for external breathing into a bottle you need larger pipe take off on both breathers.  
09/08/2005 09:24:32   Clive   Thanks for the reply Richard.  
09/08/2005 17:25:12   Alex   Clive, make a connection yourself in the manifold somewhere at the place where the breather pipe with the PCV valve should be. Drill a hole in the nr.3 inlet duct. With the use of a thread tapper, rubber hose and some hose clamps you can create the needed connection. I have this from a Jack Ashcraft booklet so it is a reliable way of doing.  

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