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11/08/2005 10:23:37   Ray   Hi folks

I am seriously tempted to buy an old seven seater. Over the last ten years, I have owned several 900s. I am happy getting my hands dirty.

The question is - How practical is the Saab 95? Is there a model that is better than others. What are the pros and cons of 3 v 4 cylinders. Any advice would be much appreciated.


11/08/2005 11:46:02   Senor Burt   Excellent choice! The 95 is obviously the king of all SAABs.
If you want a daily driver, the V4's are a lot more practical than the the 3 cyl 2-strokes (If you can find one!).
95 specific parts can be difficult to source (EG rear wings, tailgate, bumpers). but if you can get one that is solid and complete, this shouldn't be a problem.
95 V4's were pretty much the same throughout the production run. 60's models had a slightly different engine and dash (as did 96's) and later ones had big rubber bumpers. Other than that, most mechanical parts are pretty interchangeable. All the stuff from the doors forward is the same as 96.
12/08/2005 08:43:28   Ray   Thanks for the reply. It is very encouraging. You say that a V4 95 may be more difficult to find. Are the three cylinder ones easier to find. Is it possible to change engines. I assume mountings etc are the same

How much do you reckon it would cost for an A1 model.



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