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11/08/2005 13:52:59   aeron   Anyone know where I can pick up a nice sports steering wheel for my Saab 96?  
11/08/2005 14:38:16   Andrew   Motolita still make one suitable I believe - leather, 3 spoked, very 70s. I looked into it and they're not cheap  
11/08/2005 14:49:07   jonny   Try Highgate aeron they often seem to have these, if you go to Motolita they do a big range that will fit onto your 96 when combined with one of there steering bosses, it will set you back about 130+ for the sport type that was fitted to the 96, when they are on ebay they are usually about 50 secondhand.  
11/08/2005 23:50:44   John Wood ( "Woody")   Astrali used to do a nice 13" semi dish wheel for around 30. I have not seen a Mountney version. Motalita are the best but these fetch a little more than 50.00, especially if they are the Sport & Rally version with SAAB stamped in to the bottom spoke.  
12/08/2005 12:03:43   Trevor   Hi Aron i have a motolita steering wheel which I have taken off to replace with original if you are interested? trevor  
15/08/2005 13:49:14   Steve H   Watch this space... one might come up here.  
15/08/2005 14:49:05   Andrew   I'd like one as well if anyone else is selling  

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