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13/03/2003 15:22:19   Paul   Hey all,
I'm doing a bit of engine work and need to get hold of a set of piston rings and big end shells for my V4. As a student i'm on a tight budget, so would be keen to hear if anyone has any bright ideas about sourcing these parts cheaply.
Also, my clutch has a little judder, so when my engine goes back in i was thinking of putting in a new one. Again, if someone know's a good deal... I'd also like opinions on the Diaphragm Clutch offered by Highgate. Has anyone tried this? How does it compare? Any problems? Is it stronger and likely to manage more miles than the standard clutch?


18/03/2003 13:22:05   Steve H   Yes it would be interesting to hear how people have got on with Ken's clutch creation. They keep trying to sell them to me. How did you get on with South London Pistons?  
19/03/2003 04:38:41   Paul   Found someone else who had a set of rings so didn't need to look South London Pistons up (though did get as far as establishing that they've changed their phone number). Thanks for the info though.

Still looking for info on clutches....

24/03/2003 13:04:08   Senor Burtold de Cokain   Clutch judder is fairly normal. Most of the V4's I have driven have it to some extent. I think it's mainly due to using cheap clutch kits as far as I can tell. So so much for saving money. I have heard that the Highgate kit is quite smooth, but expensive.
Where did you get the big end shells BTW? I hear that Ford 2.8 V6 shells are the same, and probably cheaper than those listed as V4. And you get some spare ones as well!  
31/03/2003 09:24:51   Alec   Paul,
I know of one person who fitted this clutch and was certainly happy with it. Not sure how he got on with it long term though.
11/08/2003 13:44:51   Nick   Now that i am driving my 96 harder (new twin choke carb & 2bbl manifold) my clutch has decided to start slipping. I would be interested to hear some new feedback on the Highgate Diaphram clutch, they tell me it's very good, smooth etc.  
11/08/2003 19:00:47   Alistair   Have you any adjustment left on the clutch or is slipping due to excess wear?  
12/08/2003 07:54:18   Richard   My std clutch slipped with the solex 2bbl manifold and exhaust. From experience I would back off the power for the moment before you surface crack the flywheel and turn it to scrap.
The Highgate clutch is a bit better than the std clutch, but you will have to buy the flywheel and clutch as a unit which is expensive. You could find a local clutch place and see if they will provide you with/replace the std blue springs with the stiffer red springs.
To reduce the chances of judder, replace the spigot bush and make sure the flywheel surface is not scored or has high spots.  
12/08/2003 09:22:08   Nick   I will check to see if there is any room for adjustment. I am aware that the Highgate clutch comes with the flywheel but I was considering getting it lightened anyway, as the engine etc is going to be removed I might as well have that done at the same time. I have also found a local exhaust garage that will make me a stainless system to my exact specification with a lifetime warranty. sounds good to me but now I must decide if I want a full twin system or a more subtle free flow set-up. I put it to you all to vote on this dilema!  
12/08/2003 15:41:59   Senor Burt   I have heard that the Highgate diaphragm clutch is a VW item with the flywheel modded to fit it. The flywheel mod should be easy enough to do if you can find the correct clutch.
Your clutch shouldn't slip with the small amount of extra power you get from a 2bbl manifold and carb. Mine never did, even with a straight through exhaust.
If you use a twin pipe system, you must have a pipe linking the two sides together. The Highgate system has this.
The first step to a free flow exhaust system is to bin the front box, it is very restrictive. I bought a Jetex front system and made the rest myself from bits of a Mini Peco system, various other bits of pipe and a Cherry Bomb on the back. The only tricky bit is the back part. The rest of it is totally straight.  
12/08/2003 19:00:11   Alistair   On the exhaust front I prefer the more subtle approach, but that may be due to advancing years and receeding hair. When I was a student I ran one of my dad's cars with a home-bodged twin pipe system (2:1:2 again) which at the time I thought was so cool...  
13/08/2003 01:27:53   Paul   In the end i decided to go with a standard clutch. I spoke to one person who had bought the Highgate Diaphragm clutch and they weren't that impressed. They said that it changed the feel a lot and when it was time for a new one they were going to go back to the standard one.

No thoughts on the exhaust as it's not something i have to tackle yet in my 4 short years of V4 ownership, but seeing as i'm still a student perhaps i should put a vote in for the twin pipe system!?! :)
19/08/2003 20:38:56   John   Paul, I may have missed it, but can you say where you obtained your standard clutch, costetc. and did you fit yourself? Thanks.  
25/08/2003 00:52:02   Paul   I found a brand new clutch for sale on the internet at a good price so went for that and so far it has just sat in my room, but i am intending to do an engine swap in the next month and it will go in then.
If you're looking for a clutch then Highgate do standard ones too. If memory serves me right they are about 120 from them. I don't know if there are any cheaper sources...  
25/08/2003 18:28:52   John   Paul, thanks for the info.  
27/08/2003 21:53:50   Ryan   Sorry to go on about this chaps. But I fitted a LUK clutch to my 96 a few years ago and it judders so much i'd like to replace it. Is a borg and beck clutch of a higher quality? if not, which manufacturer does anyone recommend?  
28/08/2003 13:45:29   Alistair   OEM units were Fichtel & Sachs & are hard to beat...  
28/08/2003 16:48:22   Richard   Clutch judder is cause by poor clutch and flywheel surface along with bad spine input shaft location ie. spigot bush etc. and poor or contaminated linings.  
04/09/2003 13:05:30   John Hansen   I have 2 new clutch plates (1 destined for my own) if anyone would like one.
Details by return  
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