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16/08/2005 12:42:59   Max   Hi Guys.
I am searching for an uprated pressure plate that can be installed to flywheel without big mods. What do you use in your tuned V4s?
Does anyone know if there exists someone fitting from an old transporter or similar?

All ideas wanted?

Cheers. Max  
16/08/2005 16:46:17   Richard   You can use red springs on a std clutch cover which are stiffer. Or buy a highgate set up which requires the flywheel modifying quite a bit to accept a diaphragm clutch. The benifit of the diaphragm is that the pedal pressure is a lot lower and so is the hydralic pressure. They also tend to be a bit smoother, but this is also helped by having a new faced flywheel.
I would use a cermetalic paddle clutch plate with both, Helix will make you one in the UK, but I am sure any company into competition clutches should be able to make you one.  

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