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23/08/2005 18:23:33   neil   Has anyone had experience of changing a rubber bumpered 96 to a chrome bumpered one? What are the issues - would I need the stays that bolt the bumper to the bodyshell or could I use the existing ones?  
23/08/2005 22:02:33   John Wood ( "Woody")   The main bumper irons for the metal version are different and incompatible with later rubber version. You need a pair of main front irons and side stays LH & RH. The rear irons include a welded side stay. Can send you specs from parts book if needed. I believe you would also want to remove the number plate support assy. at the front. Over- riders are not absolutely necessary. Personally I prefer the look of a V4 without them.  
23/08/2005 23:49:02   Alistair   I've only ever done it the other way round (rubber on an earlier car) and I think I just took the bumpers off including their brackets, as it was easier to get to those bolts (and less rusted!) than anything anyway.  

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