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23/08/2005 23:53:25   Alistair   Mum & Dad went off to collect their new toy today - Keith Squire's Sonett III. I am now officially VERY jealous of the old man...

But this weekend we're going to get Rose's 96 running again - last time it was started the carb (Solex) was misbehaving. I'll take a bucketful of spares with me & see if we can sort it. Give it the once over to make sure it's ready for loading on the trailer in a couple of weeks to bring it up to Yorkshire. Only taken me 2 years to get to this point...!  
24/08/2005 08:00:41   Richard   I nearly rebuilt mine in that length of time! Great news, you can now cover the work you do on the car in the driver.
Just remind us what year the car is?  
24/08/2005 22:54:39   Gus   2 years sounds positively spritely progress! 6 years and I've just got back round to starting the engine! front wings, doors and bonnet left to spray...then we're into the and games. Good luck Alistair...  
25/08/2005 00:02:50   Alistair   Car is a 71 96 in Hussar Blue, beige trim - a bit like Gerald's 69 car. I think it's done about 40K. It's still very tidy, but I have a new set of wings to fit (when painted) and may consider having the whole bottom half sprayed, depending on how well it polishes up. Been in a barn for quite a few years and not used much for a few years before that.

Have to see what's needed for MOT & get that done, then shoud be ready to go on the road just in time for the end of summer :-(. Maybe I'll keep it locked away till the spring...  
26/08/2005 11:08:49   erik   Way to go, Al !
However, I'm convinced that locking it up does more damage than driving it through winter. Seals harden, brakes lock up, etc........ Avoid salt and enjoy the superb heating system in our oldies. To me my car even performs better in winter.
But hey, who am i to tell you ???  
31/08/2005 00:17:42   Alistair   Well it now has a new (used) exhaust, fresh fuel as the 10 year old UL had turned to treacle (!), coolant drained & engine well flushed, fresh oil/filter & plugs, had a wash & a polish & looks great. Wings are OK for now but need doing, and there are a couple of v. small holes that need patching up in the floor but nowt to worry about. Needs a new accelarator pump gasket on the carb as leaking slightly.

Runs a treat, gearbox nice & quiet, clutch & brakes were not seized, gear linkage is fantastically smooth & free of slop, stops well, the Spax adjustables seem OK too. No clunks or other noises to worry about.

Not bad for a car that's been off the road since 94 (when last tax disc ran out!) I'll get these holes patched & then should be OK for MOT...

The Sonett BTW is ace! However, we didn't realise they don't have a servo and the brakes were a bit of a shock !!!  

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