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25/08/2005 16:42:15   Richard   Its the historic race meeting at Oulton Park this weekend Sunday, Monday.
There will be a few Saabs on a small club stand that Dave Barrow has organised.  
25/08/2005 17:48:37   ian   sorry cant be there saturday but am trying to organise sunday at the moment....hope for better weather than last year....may see you  
26/08/2005 13:28:50   neil   Norman and I will be there both days - how do I get on to the SAAB stand?  
01/09/2005 17:02:45   Richard   Bugger I was away so didnt realise you had posted this. Oulton give every club two weeks notice (great chaps), so Dave has a struggle ringing and Emailing people. If you are going next year Email Dave off the SOC page a month in advance, or just Email him if you are local to that area and like this sort of thing.
The std red car let me down, or was it the otherway round? Dad convinced me after the SOC meeting that it would not pull the sink off a rice pudding, so off I went trying to sort it out, one 34 ICH later and she was running great. That was until the day before the event when she would stall. Any way after checking the jets against the other car that runs great on a ICH we were still scratching our heads. By Sunday evening (I should have been there in the morning) I cleaned up the old carb sorted the linkages out for the auto-choke and now she runs fine again! I wasnt going to risk it!  
01/09/2005 17:04:16   Richard   Skin not sink!!!!!  

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