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26/08/2005 13:31:39   neil   As it's Friday and we have the Gold Cup at Oulton this w/e - what do the panel think would make a 96 into a decent track car for say, the Top Hat or Gentleman Drivers series? Does anyone have any weblinks to SAAB 96 track racing history?  
27/08/2005 16:44:40   Rens   Hey neil,

I also looked around, the only data i found was on the highgate project v4 page. Some pics but no data...
But if you find anything please post it here...
I'm building a rally/track car for the road... just for cool lookings, must be X-treme :D :)  
27/08/2005 23:01:09   Senor Burt   That's Charles Christ in his 1960 93F 2-stroke.
He's a regular poster on the vSAAB mailing list.  
01/09/2005 13:07:32   Richard   You need a car that fits in the correct age for the class. I would go on the series web page and get the regs. You could run a v4 in the Groovy Baby series, but the older touring car class you would need a 2 st.
Right it will say what homologation you can run and it no doubt for the earlier cars refer to Appendix K ? which is a masive document from the FIA that covers international historic racing and rallying (you can down load it). For the period homologation of the v4 you can consult the Sport and rally book, otherwise contact the Saab museum for details.
Chis Partington races a 2 st in Group 1 touring car club races in the UK and there is a class in Sweden that 2 st run in. You need to contact XP power, who are at the heart of the 2 st racing in Sweden. Dave barrow is also meant to be building a HSCC spec car.
You can run in Top Hat, Group 1 touring car club, or HSCC (as seen at Oulton)with a 2 st.  

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