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26/08/2005 18:24:53      
26/08/2005 18:29:25   John   When I try and fill the radiator with water it comes out of the oil sump. I've replaced the head gaskets, would a faulty inlet manifold gasket cause this? Any help would be appreciated-(not much of a mechanic!)  
26/08/2005 18:43:28   John   (SAAB 96-1972) Sorry.  
27/08/2005 17:12:47   bill rawles   The inlet manifold could be your problem as it seals waterways as well. Are you 100% certain that the head gaskets were correct? I had this problem once years ago and it turns out I had been given a set of gaskets for a Ford Taunus engine. Serious problems that you probably don't want to think about for now include cracked heads or engine block.  
30/08/2005 12:36:46      
30/08/2005 12:40:46   john   Thanks Bill,they where SAAb gaskets-so I hope its the inlet manifold gaskets and not the heads or engine block!  
30/08/2005 22:06:21   Alex   Did you screw down the inlet manifold properly? A few years back when I had had the heads off I had a leak at first which was cured after giving the manifold bolts an extra yank. And did you put the manifold gasket the right way up?  
30/08/2005 23:21:10   john   I put a new manifold gasket on tonight and tightened to correct torque-(this didn't seem very tight). The leak is still there but much slower out of oil sump. I'll try tightening a small amount tomorrow. Thanks Alex.  

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