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30/08/2005 13:55:37   Steve H   Looks good to me. I made mine into a 1700 by replacing the crank and pistons. The performance is much better and suits the car. You are right though about the road tax and fuel consumption.
From the seller discription, it sounds like the balance shaft bearing has gone. This is not too difficult to replace if you are doing a complete strip down which would probably be advisable. My 1700 crank cost me 90 so at the price it is currently, this engine is worth it just for the crank.  
30/08/2005 14:06:54   Senor Burt   I would have thought the noise from the front would more likely be fan bearing.
If the balance shaft bearing was really on its way out it would have probably ripped the fibre gear to shreds by now.
On the subject of road tax - who's going to know unless you're honest enough to inform the DVLA yourself? The 1700 is identical externally.  
30/08/2005 21:37:07   David   ........... hmmm! Best inform the insurance company, though?  
31/08/2005 00:10:35   Alistair   I know about this engine, balance shaft bearings are gone and B/S gear a bit iffy too. It's already eaten one.  
05/09/2005 11:24:17   simon   ..........especially if one has a crumplezone web site advertising the facts.  
05/09/2005 14:02:37   Senor Burt   In the event of an insurance claim it's quite likely that an insurance assesor would reckon that a car that is as heavily customised as mine will be might have had a few engine tweaks and is not totally standard. I don't think I'll even attempt to fool anybody with that .
If you stick a 1700 in an otherwise standard car then the only way they'll spot it is if they strip the engine down and start measuring con-rod length, crank throw and piston height and know enough to be able to compare them to standard. Which I think is highly unlikely.
Ironically the insurance for a heavily modded 95/96 would probably be less than for a standard car.  

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