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30/08/2005 16:09:52   Steve B   Hi Guys,
I'm in the middle of a gearbox rebuild because I had a leak from one of the output shaft seals. I expected to find that the diff bearing were gone, leading to a worn seal and the leak.
However the diff bearings seem fine and I think the leak has occured because the output shaft is pitted right where the seal goes. Is this normal ?
I bought a second-hand box of Ebay because I though my diff bearings were gone, but the shatfs on this box are in a similar state.
Does this sound like it could cause the leak ?
Can I get the shafts repaired and polished somwhere ?
or can I get new output shafts anywhere ?
Thanks as always
01/09/2005 12:56:55   Richard   Unless you can find some better ones all you can do is clean up the surface of the best ones with some fine wet and dry and replace the seals. Lub the surface where the seal runs.  
05/09/2005 11:06:24   Doug K   neat !!
On a vaguely topical note - can anyone tell me if/where/how I can source new seals for both output and input shafts?
05/09/2005 12:17:35   Steve B   Doug,
I got my output shaft seal from Highgate. They might do input ones as well.
05/09/2005 13:13:42   Doug K   Hi thanks for that Steve, I'll give them a call; but you've got me worried now. I'm trying to mate two boxes !! Well not in the biblical sense. I've got one (reputedly) good box which I needed to match up with a donor bellhousing, which I found had fairly distorted output shaft seals. I was intending on using the output shafts too from the donor, but your initial comments point to the fact I may yet have diff problems? does that compute?

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