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31/08/2005 00:22:26   Alistair   Someone recently was after info on the right type of wheel bolts to fit the "soccer ball" alloys. Well I checked them out on my Dad's new Sonett at the weekend and will post some pics when he mails them to me.

Basically they are same thread as standard V4 bolts (obviously!) with a long shank about 12-14mm between the head and the thread. This shank is slightly larger diameter than the diam of the threaded part, so the bolt cannot (easily) be pushed through the hole in the wheel - it needs to be screwed & pulled through. There is no tapered part between the 19mm head and the shank, it's a flat face to the base of the head.

HTH :)  
03/09/2005 18:24:54   Clive   I think Jonny Wyatt was looking for wheel bolts for some Ronals a few months ago, whilst I was looking for several replacement washers for my "soccer ball" alloys.

Whilst on the subject of "soccer ball" alloys, I'm on the lookout for a fifth wheel should anyone have one lurking in their garage/shed.  
02/02/2006 17:51:08   Mark   Does anyone know where i can get hold of a set of bolts for soccerball alloys as rolf is out of stock!  

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