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18/03/2003 00:06:44   Louis   My V4 has sprung a leak in the cooling system, somewhere around the water pump but I cant pinpoint it. Anyone got a good trick to find a leak without dismantling everything? Would be very greatful for a hand...  
18/03/2003 08:43:57   Alec   Are you sure it is not the watre pump? Normally the internal seal goes which allows water to drain from the bottom of the pump just behind the pulley.  
18/03/2003 13:45:14   Steve H   Are you really sure its the water pump. There are lots of pipe connections down there that when they leak drip from the water pump. Try tightening all the clips and having a good feel round all the pipes before condeming the pump. I would put money on it being a pipe.  
19/03/2003 14:21:22   Steve B   Louis,
Quite often the water pump housing will have a small hole drilled in the bottom. The idea is that if the bearings in the water pump break then water comes out the hole to warn you of the problem.
Do you have any noises from the water pump?
To check the pump try removing the fan belt and checking the water pump pully for movement and try turning it to check for smoothness.
Good luck.  
06/04/2003 04:32:50   Bruce Beauvais   Check the hose in back of the pump that connects to the y-pipe. It is a real pain to change. As I remember it is a 25 mm dia hose about 100mm long.  
06/04/2003 21:36:17   louis   The problem was the main outlet pipe at the back of the pump that was loose, I found it by plumbing my garden hose pipe in the cooling system to get pressure to find the leak!  

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