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01/09/2005 18:24:33   Alistair   Have you seen it yet? What do you think?  
02/09/2005 01:42:19   John Wood ( "Woody")   Impressive... most impressive.
So much so I rejoined SOC online.
02/09/2005 10:32:24   Senor Burt   Very nice. I assume it's a professional job. You don't get a site that slick from a 14 year old banging away at MS Frontpage.
They've also used PHP BB for the forum and ads which is a nice powerful bulletin board. Although the fact that anything from the 92 to 99 is lumped together as 'SAAB Classic Older Cars' reflects the club's bias towards new models.
Who designed it?  
02/09/2005 11:38:19   Alistair   John - welcome aboard - again!

Jason - re: the 14 yr old comment - that is so true !

Designed by Starfish Design, who are the guys behind the UK Saabs forum. It seems that the Club decided to align itself with en established forum (hence the "Classic Older cars" bit - that was how UKS was already set up) rather than try to create another to compete with UKS, Saabscene & Saabcentral. Good move in my book.

Unfortunately as I made a bit of noise about the site I got volunteered to moderate the forum with Toby :-( Thought i had enough to do with the register & Saabscene...

But, if any of you guys have anything you would like to see in the V4 Register section of the SOC site, feel free to let me know...I've already thought about a link to here mind ;-)  

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