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01/09/2005 18:25:56   Alistair   Well I thought I did well getting the track car 7x15 alloy wheels for 26. Tonight I've just bought a spare set for the 96, with 5 tyres, for 2.70

Nowt special, just bog standard 4J square hole steelies + 155/15 tyres, but they look pretty tidy so they'll either do while we get ours blasted & repainted (they're a bit rusty after the car being stood for 10 years) or if they're good enough, means I don't have to get the originals blasted at all. Result.

All I have to do now is collect them from Hampshire (doh! there had to be a catch...!  
05/09/2005 08:59:13   Sean   Sounds like you did very well! What sort of alloys?  
06/09/2005 16:07:48   Alistair   Saab 5 spoke for C900/9000.  

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