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06/09/2005 12:48:11   James   I'm trying to gather as much info on this model as possible but I'm finding it very very difficult.

Ideally I'm trying to locate some mechanical/blueprint style drawings of the cars body rather then the usual photos which are available on the net. The sort of things I mean are images of the side, front, rear and top etc of the car seen in projection.

Is there anyone out there who may be able to point me in the right direction when it comes to information on this model? Does anyone know any books that might include the things I'm looking for?

I'd also be really interested in contacting any 92 owners in the UK? I've heard there are very few around (as little as 2 or 3?) does anyone know any, or are ones themselves, who might offer me some help?

I've been trying to track down this information for a while now with no luck. If anyone does know anything I'd really appreciate some advice.


17/09/2005 20:39:35   Tommi   Oh, and for basic info see the "saabfacts" link on the site.  
19/09/2005 07:56:24   Richard   There are a few 92's over here, try contacting the clubs SOC SEC. You could try the Saab museum, you would have thought they would have saved any original drawings.  

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