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06/09/2005 20:08:43   tom   Hi, i have been trying to open the bonnet of my 96 for serveral hours now, its always been a bit reluctant to open but now even with my little tricks it won't open. Is there any way of getting it to open? i realise i can take the front grill off but what can i do to get the latch to let go. Really need to get under so any help is greatly appeciated!  
07/09/2005 12:59:21   jonny   Tom take the grill off it is a 2 minute job use the lever above the n/s headlamp, it sometimes helps to get someone to push the bonnet up and down to free it.  
07/09/2005 19:52:58   tom   well i did that in the end, removing the grill would be a 2 min job if all the screws were rust free and not rounded off! anyways i did mange to get it open!  

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