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07/09/2005 10:05:38   SU   hi there, i want to make sure what kind of the gasoline saab 96 use. do any one can tell me or mail to me , many thanks. by the way, what is the ?? KM/L for every car.  
07/09/2005 14:28:18   Senor Burt   You need lead replacement fuel (if it's still available where you are), unleaded with lead replacement additive (comes in a bottle, add it when you fill up) or leaded fuel which is still available at a places in the UK.
Otherwise you can get the cylinder heads fitted with hardened valve seats so you can use regular unleaded. You can run unleaded for a time in a standard engine, but you will suffer valve seat wear after a fairly short time and will have to remove the heads anyway to rectify this. So not recommended.
I don't know about KM/L but they do around 25-35 MPG I think depending on how you drive.  
07/09/2005 16:59:09   Rens   Brandstofverbruik in 'mpg' (miles per gallon) ? reken zo om:

"40 mpg" : 40 x 0,42 => 16,9 km/l , en 237 : 40 => 5,9 l/100 km  
07/09/2005 17:39:38   su   so sad. lead replacement fuel is not available where i am, i like saab 96 very much, i already have two car saab900i and new saab 9-3. in my country, saab 96 is very rare car, maybe one or two is available. any way, nice to meet every saab 96 fan here.  
08/09/2005 11:42:05   erik   5.9l/100km is a bit optimistic ! Mine is doing 9l/100km average, indeed depending on how you drive. I did put a manual choke conversion kit on my car : starts perfect and choke off after 1 km.  
08/09/2005 23:59:41   Max   That's not true. In 96 the consumption depends so much on how you are driving like! My car has got approx. 95 bhp and way back from Essen International Saab meeting a friend of mine drove it with 6.3l/100km. Maximum has been something about 14l/100km (not measured).

So with a std engine with Solex carb and manual choke I say: It's possible to achieve 5.9l/100km!  
10/09/2005 10:39:18   Alistair   Yes it would be possible but you wouldn;t have any fun, so what's the point? ;-)  
26/07/2006 14:52:01   Jon   Forget lead replacement fuel!! Unless you're doing alot of fast motorway driving (with high engine speeds) then normal unleaded fuel will do. The body work will probably rot before the valve seats wear out.  

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