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07/09/2005 17:43:18   su   why do you like saab 96, not other car. would some one want to share with me. thanks.  
07/09/2005 17:45:08   Senor Burt   I like SAAB 95 more.  
07/09/2005 18:48:27   Rens   cheap, nice line, rally history, easy to work on yourself, and the easy v4  
07/09/2005 23:54:20   simon   Iconaclastic styling + design, cheap, safe, simple.  
08/09/2005 08:19:05   Rens   Iconaclastic <-- yeah.... nice lines is what I said  
08/09/2005 11:44:19   erik   please do not forget : reliable !!!  
08/09/2005 17:14:27   Andrew   not forgetting cool, funny, the lovely engine noise and the fact everyone turns to look  
08/09/2005 18:55:55   James Ayres   Different from anything else on the road. I have conversations with people about it in car parks nearly every day!

Quirky, if that's a word!  
08/09/2005 19:39:15   Erik   Also: spacious (length-wise that is, not width), rare (over here in Belgium certainly), economic.
Go on and buy yourself one ! More people = more ideas, knowledge, projects,....
BTW Rens, how is the Pinto conversion evolving?  
08/09/2005 19:58:39   su   all of you are so lucky. in my country , because of the law, saab 96 for me is a dream. i hope someday i can drive it.  
08/09/2005 20:11:56   Rens   Su, wich country? and wich law? and what about just importing? if you really want you can buy one here for around 500 euro's...

The pinto/sierra conversion has been stopped for a moment... money and other stuff... still thinking about it... maybey even putting in a 'normal' 5 speed long gearbox with the shifter in the center  
08/09/2005 23:56:02   Max   I like the car because it is not an "every day car" here in Germany and because the people often estimate the car to be much older than it is actually. In servicing it's much more easy than todays cars. Compared to other old (or better: classic cars) it's quite cheap to keep.

09/09/2005 16:57:22   mark   I like the saab 96 because of its rally history,it was the funny little swedish car that beat the big names like ford and porsche.The saab is still cheap to buy and run every day where as the porsche and fords,lancias cost a fortune.And as the others have already said you dont see one everyday.  
09/09/2005 17:32:09   ian   i see one every day and love's un-enviromentally friendly features are the clouds of smoke on start up...the neighbours have a fit....brilliant....!save the planet? save the 2 strokes i say...  
09/09/2005 18:19:18   su   Rens, i live in taiwan. i want to import one, but the old car driveing license is the problem. the government dont support the ole car importing, because the air pollution. so if i import the classic car, i should use the other car license such saab 900 to drive. by the way,500 euro's is how much US?  
09/09/2005 19:57:08   Clive   Quirky yet very clever design, quality and strength of construction, cheap to run, easy to work on, and of course its rally pedigree.

Mark, I would like to email you regarding an old thread but your email address,, appears invalid. Could you email me so I can contact you. Thanks.
10/09/2005 14:15:41   Rens   500 euro is about 450 dollar... they are quite cheap  
13/09/2005 11:11:51   Alex   Correction on the exchange rate, 500 Euro is roughly 620 US dollar; $1,- is about 0.81 Euro, so 500/0.81= 617.28  
13/09/2005 12:18:51   Rens   owyeah... stupid me... it's the other way around :D sorry bout that  
19/09/2005 17:13:57   Richard   I think they sound great, look different and have loads of different feature than most cars and those different quirky features all do something useful.
The 96 got me into rallying not the other way round. You carnt beat driving one on a slippy road where they are more sure footed than modern cars.  
22/09/2005 09:55:26   Alistair   I learned to drive in 96V4s, and they were always around as I was growing up. Used to love showing up my mates in their (then!) modern Novas & Festers etc with my "ancient banger" that could lick 'em all in the twisties.

"Nothing on Earth comes close"  

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