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20/03/2003 18:02:51   Patrick   Does anyone know where I can get hold of a durable fabric (dark red/maroon) to replace the original seat upholstery on my 96?
Also any advice in doing the reupholstering myself would be good/or where I can get it done professionally at a reasonable price.
The PVC/leather is in good condition, its just the fabric that needs replacing in both front and back seats. Thanks Patrick  
21/03/2003 08:31:53   Alec   Patrick,
Personally I bought my fabric from an upholsterer (lounge furniture) and then took it to a car upholsterer to be done. It cost a fair amount of money but is a great job. The fabric does not exactly match the original but is close.
I believe that Rolf in Sweden (see links page) does have some original material, not sure about colours though.
23/03/2003 23:38:29   louis   Hi Patrick
Beware of the original 70's material. It's foamy stuff and flakes away in the sun. As Alec suggested go for other materials unless you are looking for total originality. I have a sort of velour type material wich is very good and is from germany but I can't remember where I got it from!
See ya.  
24/03/2003 13:20:41   Steve H   Not wanting to plug him too much, but i have new upholstery from Nick Senegal of the V4 restoration company and have been very pleased with it. He gets (got) them made by an old style car upholstery company (an old lady) in North London and the are very resonable. 020 8735 9858. Not original through but I dont know if the original matterials would still be legal (fire regs etc.)  

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