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07/09/2005 19:58:03   tom   hi, i am having great trouble with refilling the gearbox on my 96 with oil. I accidently emptyed it and i now i have some oil to refill it i can't open the filler plug! i think i have read that a special tool is required, is this true? is there any substitute? a rachet driver kinda fits but the plug is on too tight and i need something that will be a tight and snug fit. Any help is great appeciated.  
07/09/2005 20:43:35   john wyatt   You can get a tool that is like a lot o little needles, goes on a ratchet and fits into any shape, my mate used that on his 96 gearbox filler plug to great effect alternatively you can whip off the freewheel lever( the white plastic bit) and fill it from there  
08/09/2005 11:25:36   Steve B   I Think those tools are called Gator-Grips. They can be useful.  
09/09/2005 19:35:56   John Wood ( Woody)   The filler and drain plugs on mid/late V4s is 3/8"". So a 3/8 drive socket set will solve the problem. If you don't have one to hand, take the square drive out of a household door handle. It's a bit sloppy but will do the job. Early V4's had the hollow round plug with the slot. A pair of mole grips and a wrench should be enough to undo it or a slip-jaw wrench and a pair of mole grips for leverage.  
10/09/2005 15:04:05   Alistair   When you get the filler plug off, make sure you don't overfill the box with oil. The level plug is on the side.

Too much oil will kill your speedo drive...  
10/09/2005 21:35:25   Alec   Tom
You can just undo the freewheel plastic actuator arm and put the oil in that way. I find this a lot easier as it is just a 13mm spanner job.
12/09/2005 23:28:37   tom   have filled it up via the freewheel arm, as it was impossible to get the the filler plug undone, i was using a 3/8 drive but i atually twisted the extension adaptor! i had to fill up using a measuring cylinder as i was unable to get the level plug open too. many thanks for your help!  

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