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08/09/2005 20:00:34   su   how old are you , i am 32.  
08/09/2005 20:12:27   Rens   20.. almost 21 :)  
08/09/2005 23:47:19   simon   old enough to know better, but young enough not to care. About 17 but that's not what my passport says ;)  
08/09/2005 23:52:04   Max   Hi guys.
I am 21 years old and I bought my 96 1975 at the age of 19.
My new winter-car (to keep the 96 in better shape) is a 1985 900 CC from first owner. It runs great - but driving is a 96 is much more stylish!
09/09/2005 10:01:48   SU   you are so young. saab 96 is your first car or just for date driving  
09/09/2005 12:22:13   Andrew   Actual age 40, in my head age around 20 (which is when I was first driving a 96). Should I worry that I'm reliving my youth?  
09/09/2005 13:30:14   Rens   Andrew... nothing wrong with a midlife crisses :D :D :D  
09/09/2005 16:24:07   Andrew   :D i hadn't thought it was a mid-life crisis till now - now I'm having a crisis that I might be having a crisis - better change the 96 for a Rover 75 I guess ;-)  
09/09/2005 17:29:27   ian   in real life i am old but in my 2 stroke about 20- again  
09/09/2005 18:52:23   John Wood ( Woody)   I was 19 when I bought my first. Owned V4s continuously since. Now 53almost.  
10/09/2005 15:01:13   Alistair   Got my first 96 at 15. That was 20 years ago, the cars roughly the same age as me ;-)  
11/09/2005 21:10:28   philippe   i was 10 when i fell in love with the 96 and I waited 30 years to buy one !  
12/09/2005 14:51:12   Penny   Hi Iam over 50!! the 95 is proberly the newest car I have owned for a very long time. I used to have 30's and 50's cars before including a much loved Ford 300E van and various historic rally cars.  
12/09/2005 23:35:12   tom   Hi i am 20 too, my 96 is my first car and is now almost ready for its first mot in years! i just wish i had passed my driving test before uni! is a lovely car and i am really happy with it, despite the bloood sweat and tears its already caused me!  
19/09/2005 17:08:21   Richard   27 and bought my first 96 at 18 and still own it and a few more, oops.
Good to see a mix of ages, particular young ones to keep the cars going for the future.  
08/06/2006 15:07:34   rik (Netherlands)   19 and i'm almost 4 jears driving and rebuilding and repairing V4  
08/06/2006 21:52:19   chrisP   Hi
I am nearly an OAP 64 and have had my 72 96 for about 25 years so we have grown old together but i think the Saab has worn better than me. In that time I have done all the repairs and servicing needed to keep it on the road as my only and every day car myself there is not much I have not had to bits at one time or another.  
28/07/2006 12:22:35   Ivo   21, and I've been driving it since I was 15 when I learnt to drive. On top of that my father owned it since it was new in 1979 and he was married in it. Hopefully we can fix the damage from the accident I was involved in last week :*(  
28/07/2006 13:41:23   Adam   I'm 28 and with second child on the way. I am also growing my hair long. Classic mid-life crisis stuff without the mid-life!

What do I do when I hit 50? Start rallying in it?  
30/07/2006 15:29:15   Jonathan Dennis   I'm 26, got my first 96 as a project car when I was 14, two years before I could even get my drivers license. The SAAB 96 is my favorite car, hands down.  
01/08/2006 13:57:23   jeanfrancois   i'm 37 like my lovely 95V4 born in 1969  
02/08/2006 21:33:39   Fearghal   I'm 27. I bought my 96 about 4 months ago - it's my first car!  

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