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12/09/2005 14:07:33   simon   I live on the south coast, England. In a town of 110k people and I know of seven 95/96 owners in the area.  
12/09/2005 15:22:39   Rens   I live in Southern of The Netherlands (brabant), i've seen about 4 or 5 saab 96 driving around in holland (off course there are more) and i've never seen a 95 drive around  
12/09/2005 16:54:46   mark   I live in leigh on sea (essex) and i know of three 96s one of which is a two stroke long nose.mine is the scruffy tan 96 with two very large marchals spot on the front.  
14/09/2005 19:40:40   Jon   I'm british but I live near Paris, I have a 1972 96 and have just found out last week that there's a french bloke with 5 96s (2 strokes and V4s) just 8km away from me. Will be meeting him this weekend.  
15/09/2005 10:56:45   James Ayres   Wow, 5 96s! Best of luck when you meeet him. I live in Liverpool and I have only ever seen 2 other 96s here, I have never seen a 95. Shame! How many of us are left?  
15/09/2005 12:07:44   Rens   I know this guy here in holland (i've got some parts through him) that had about 10 96ers and a few 95ers... he was a private collector... but they all were imported from sweden (where he had some more) and in BAD shape...  
15/09/2005 12:26:20   Andrew   about 500 on the register in the UK I believe (Alistair will no doubt confirm or correct that)  
15/09/2005 22:24:20   tom   i live close to liverpool (in runcorn if anyone knows where that is) and in fact that was where i got my 96 from! u won't have seen mine on the road as it currently needs to pass an mot. getting closer, just needs some welding down now!  
17/09/2005 11:10:05   David   I'm in the West Country of the UK (aka Planet Saab) and have one 95 V4 at present, having sold my first one to Simon's friend Danny a few months ago (she's going well, I'm told, especially with her new twin exhaust!). There are several 96s round here - one farmer I know has at least 4 strokers in his barn, all in reasonable condition - and I keep hearing about others that are being restored. Haven't seen many 95s but a friend of mine further south has 3. I regularly see a green 96 on the M5 between here and Bristol. Two people I know around here - both "specialists" - have Sonetts (and I'd like one too, one day). The hunt continues .......... happy V4-ing.  
19/09/2005 09:16:28   Alistair   About 450 96s on the Register and just under 100 95s...but there are plenty of cars not registered with me - I keep seeing cars for sale on eBay etc that aren't there! I'm guessing but there must still be around 1000 V4s in the UK, plus strokers.

BTW Tom I know Runcorn (fairly) well, I grew up on Halton Lodge from age 2-10... ;-)  
19/09/2005 17:04:48   Richard   I dont think mine are on the register Al!!!! add four to that number. I will have to register them.
My tally is 4 V4's near Sheffield, England.  
20/09/2005 19:03:34   david   I live in Belgium near Brugge I have a 1970 96, a 1971 sonett III and a 1983 900CD.

Someone I know quite well has a 92B - 93 - a Monte-Carlo 850 - Sonett II V4 - Sonett III - 95 - 900 convertible monte-carlo - and lots of old 96s  
22/09/2005 09:50:19   Alistair   Rich, I'll have to check if you're on the register when I get home, only have an old sample from the membership database on this PC, but that shows two of your cars: THD275R (blue) & OUM 773L (white). You can get the reg forms off the new website...
25/09/2005 20:18:27   Danski   I have today bought yet another saab, a 1972 99 so now again I have more than one saab, tell me are there any saab owners that have just one? If you look on ebay at least 25% of saabs for sale have another saab lurking in the background... It's a disease somebody help us! Either that or tell the classic insurers to invent a way of driving more than one car at a time as well as having them on the same policy!  
28/10/2005 23:53:00   s v   Dear Danski,

STD's = Saab Transmitted Disease, my favourite and despite the itching - one I've yet to seek treatment for.  
29/10/2005 15:18:53   Chris P   Got a feeling my 96 is the only one on the road in Exeter at the moment maybe you know diferant  
29/10/2005 17:23:27   s v   My 96 is occassionaly on the road in Exeter but lives in Sussex, so I guess does'nt count.  
30/10/2005 13:07:53   john wyatt   Ihave 2 at the moment and know of about 10 cars in the Edinburgh area,, I think there must be well over a thousand still around i am not in the club at the moment can I register mine?.  
19/04/2006 10:05:46   julian   I live near Driffield in East Yorkshire. I have not seen a 96 on the road around here since 1985. I have 2 96s. A 72 and a late 76. The 72 is in a million bits, stripped ready for welding, retrim, mechanical overhaul and respray. The 76 (with sunroof)is sat looking sorry for itself awaiting the same treatment. Just cant wait to get them going. There is certainly something addictive about Saabs, I can vouch for that.  
20/04/2006 18:19:24   Al   Young Mr Wyatt - your red car is already registered I think, but get yer wallet out and join the Club, then we can make sure it's on... ;o)  
24/04/2006 22:20:50   john wyatt   I know I really should join the club again but just seem to have more pressing demands on the finances, and no time to fill in a form if someone can give me a way to join quickly with no hassle I will.  
25/04/2006 08:36:27   dhpaul   How long does it take to fill in a form? About as long as doing a couple of posts on this forum. Need a better excuse than that!  
25/04/2006 16:33:36   john wyatt   how about I will join again if they have 5 pages in the driver of interest to people with old SAABS?  
25/04/2006 17:05:44   Richard   The Driver is alot better for old stuff than it was four years ago. Al's doing a good job along with Dave in the motorsport section (which is mainly old Saab's). They are both hands on people and have wrote about the knitty gritty stuff rather than "my car is called Sammy the Saab, I only use it when its dry and its blue".
Ok my Saab's called Clairabell and its white!  
25/04/2006 18:24:59   John Wood ("Woody")   Amen to that!
Mine's called the TROLL, and it's a lean, mean fighting machine!
Is that better?  
28/04/2006 09:51:11   Alistair   Well, my column is 2 pages most months and I have provided a number of other articles, or members have contributed other articles via me, about V4s. Next month's sees the first installment of the Fuel Injection article that Woody contributed so much to. That'll be a couple of pages at least. David Fielden's 2 stroke section is usually a couple of pages. Dave Barrow's Motorport section invariably has 2-5 pages of old Saab stuff, nobody competes in 9-3s and 9-5s ;o)

I know I'm biased but I think we do a pretty good job these days of catering for drivers of Saabs of all ages - possibly the one area that's not very well catered for, at least technically, is C900s and 9000s which is strange given that this is the area where most serious tuning is being done, and owners of these cars are more likely to be hands-on than the GM Saabs.

BTW - My Saabs are called "the 9-3" (it's a bit lardy, but a bit of a sleeping beast), "the V4" (going in for a spot of welding next week so should be on the road for summer) and "the 900" or possibly "the track car" (nearly fighting fit again and will be out at Croft at the end of May). I'm nothing if not inventive with the names of my cars ;o)  
02/05/2006 06:09:14   Ivo de Vocht   I live in Christchurch in the south island of New Zealand. My father shipped the sky blue 1979 96 across from holland a couple of years after he bought it new. Christchurch has a population of around 400,000 but have only seen 2 other 96's and one 95.  
06/05/2006 22:23:31   VeeFour   I live in East Devon and have owned 2 95s, a dark blue "flying shed" and a brown "flying s**thouse" plus 2 96s, a light blue one, which was written off when it caught fire, and my present cardinal red one , HPP715K, which my wife and I have driven for the past 23 years (still with only 81k on the clock. It was bare metal restored by the Saab agent in Erkelenz, near Monchengladbach in 1991, when I worked in Germany. I managed to buy 4 new steel wings (from a company in Holland) which are just beginning to show their age! We still have great fun driving it and would never part with it. Oh and unlike some, we are fully paid up members of the SOC(GB)!  
01/06/2006 19:10:36   jeanfrancois   I live in the south east of France and my 95V4 is the only one here for sure .I will participate this weekend to an oldtimers meeting and will see if there are others Saab Oldtimers Owners in the area.
PS:Are we hacked by Italians Pirats , what are those blank Posts all around here ????  
30/06/2006 11:43:05   Derek   Nice looking orangy yellow 95 with roof-rack spotted on the M20 yesterday evening, driving towards Ashford from Maidstone. Anyone from the list?  
11/07/2006 09:21:44   julian   I spotted a gleaming cream car parked outside the rose and crown pub in Beverley (East Yorks) about a month ago. Really nice example. Does it beong to anyone on this page?  

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