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13/09/2005 12:33:26   tom   Are 99 shocks absorbers the same as 96?  
13/09/2005 14:46:20   tom   not to woory problem solved  
13/09/2005 23:39:37   Alistair   For future reference, no, they're not, but 99 fronts will fit and so will late 99/900 rears. Thay don't have quite the same length of travel though, so you do run the risk of the rears fully extending.  
17/09/2005 11:14:08   David   I was told (forget by whom) that 99T fronts ae very good on the front of V4s - might try them on "Blue".

Does anyone know which telescopics (make/part no) can be fitted to the rear of a 95 (in place of the lever arms)? I'm searching for the article on Ken Dover's lovely blue 95 that appeared in Practical Classics mag last year - as he has done a conversion. Ideas are on the drawing board ............ the travel between fully extended and fully compressed is quite long.  

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