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16/09/2005 09:37:19   Steve B   Saaber's
I've just my 96 back on the road after and engine and gearbox rebuild.
I didn't actually do much on the engine just change the valve stem oil seals, but I did remove the carb and distributor in the process.
Anyway it's all back together and running - but badly.
The idle is too fast even with the idle screw backed right off, I can't see any timing marks with the strobe so they might be way out but it's the only way it runs.
Also the idle is not steady it wanders around. I've got a FoMoCo carb which I know is not the best but it's all I have and it used to work OK.
Any pointers would be good.
16/09/2005 10:42:52   simon   Hello Steve, i had similar symptom (see another post). Transpired that I had the vac take off hoses the wrong way round. (from the under carb vac - brake servo / rocker cover). Worth a try as nice and quick to do.  
19/09/2005 08:00:47   Richard   Use a tip-ex pen on the timing mark. Its a god send a tip-ex pen, marks anything up (if tip-ex would like to pay me for that sales pitch then I would except 10000).  
19/09/2005 10:37:38   Steve B   Hi Guys,
Thanks for the help so far.
The tip-ex pen method has proved useful (thanks Richard) and I have checked the vac hoses which seem to be connected correctly and in good order.
I spent most of Saturday messing around with the carb which is now sealed better on to the inlet manifold but with little improvement in performance.
I've had to richen the idle mixture to get the car to idle at all which suggests air is leaking in somewhere but I can't see where. Because the mixture is now rich the idle is very fast despite backing off the idle screw as far as it will go.
Has anyone got any other ideas ?  
19/09/2005 13:07:08   Richard   Ok the fomoco uses gravity to drop off fast idle. Have a look how this works. You pump the pedal and it sets the ckoke flap and puts some extra rpm on. Once the auto choke is up to temp the a lever drops via its own weight to remove the extra rpm. It is a classic problem that this sticks on its pivot and you end up with fast idle on to some degree then the engine is hot. Also make sure the hot water is getting to the carb.
Now you will tell me it has manual choke!!
You might have adjusted the carbs idle out because of the above.
Use some blue engine sealent on the carb gasket  
20/09/2005 10:09:53   Steve B   Guys,
So the problem is fixed and I'm embarrased to admit that simon was right all along. I had checked the vacuum hose connections as he suggested, but had assumed that the non-return valve was for the brake vacuum. Not so.
I found out that the non-return valve is called a PCV (positive crankcase vent), and should therfore be connected to the rocker cover, not the brakes.
Thanks for all the advice.

Gosh I feel stupid.
20/09/2005 13:57:07   simon   Not as stupid as I felt - took me months of changing parts and re-checking everything, before a glance under another bonnett instantly showed me what was wrong.  
20/09/2005 16:43:15   Richard   That would mean you are pulling air in on the spacer plate I guess.  
29/07/2006 09:11:38      

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