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18/09/2005 20:16:42   bart   My heater is always heating, regardless of the heater lever position. Therefore I removed the heater valve for further inspection. When removing the heater valve cover I accidentally broke the copper thermostat connection wire at the valve side.

After messing with an adjustment screw within the valve mechanism it looks like the valve works again, although I don't completely understand the functioning of this screw and the thermostat connection.

Is the copper wire a part of the heater element or is it part of the valve? Does anyone know about suppliers which still have heater spare parts?

Thank you, bart  
19/09/2005 10:02:10   Senor Burt   the copper wire is a thermostat that is supposed to keep the heater temperature constant.
I think the heater valve assembly is still available. I can't remember where from, but I recall that it is a V*lv* part.  
19/09/2005 10:39:42   Steve B   I got a heater valve reconditioned by Graham Macdonald. It cost about 30 but had a new sealing washer and a working thermostat.  

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