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19/09/2005 08:58:55   Rens   Hello, i know how to adjust the timing, but i don't know how I can know when the first cilinder is in top position without taking everything of the engine and looking directly at the cylinder... there must be an easyer way to know when its at his top!  
19/09/2005 09:19:33   Alistair   You talking ignition timing or cam timing or what? Shouldn't need to worry about when no. 1 is at TDC for ignition timing if you do it dynamically with a timing light - far better than doing it static.  
19/09/2005 10:07:34   Senor Burt   You can tell by putting a screwdriver down the sparkplug hole and feeling when no.1 piston is at the top. You can tell is it's on the right part of the cycle by the position of the rockers and you only need to take off one of the rocker covers for this.  
19/09/2005 16:59:13   Richard   Basically time the dizzy a tdc on the timing mark so No.1 is firing and use the marks on the dizzy to line up the rotor as you put the dizzy in.
You can time the dizzy in on tdc on 1 or 4, If it wont fire chances are you have timed it on the wrong stroke in the cycle.You need to move the leads round on the dizzy (so 1 becomes 4).
You dont need to take the rockers off, but if you have had them off it is handy to see what is happening.  

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