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22/03/2003 23:57:59   Henning Labraa   Hi there, could anyone help me with my monte carlo steering wheel problem? who made this steering wheel? I need to buy a boss kit so i can fit it in my 73 96 saab. Or if somebode know where to buy one that would be great - have the wooden monte carlo steering wheel ready but no hub kit. Hope somebody can help. Thanks  
24/03/2003 07:38:24   bill rawles   Hi Henning. I can't say 100% but I am fairly sure that the Monte-Carlo wheel is made by Mota-Lita, perhaps some-one else can confirm this. If it is a Mota-Lita then the boss is still available new for the 95/96. Try Europa Spares on 01283 815609 or Demon Tweeks on 01978 664466 these are both UK companies but are used to exporting items.  
21/11/2003 21:50:08   Doug Bok   I have an original Saab Monte Carlo hub I will sell. I bought an original wood wheel, I think it is a Nardi, which I want to modify to put on another car. The hub is different from the MOMO hub - the attaching screws are wider apart.
I may be convinced to sell the whole wheel but I know I do not need the hub.
Contact me if you have an interest.
22/11/2003 14:08:14   ian f   Henning,
How many screw holes has your steering wheel got?  

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