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19/09/2005 17:45:03   Rob   I had a problem earlier in the year when my car boiled over, although it didnt boil over until the car was stopped and turned off. It then started making some strange gurgling and clonking noises and then regurgitated a couple of litres of water out of the expansion bottle. Since then despite flushing out the radiator (water seemed pretty clear) it has run slightly hot in normal driving and very hot in traffic. Any advice?  
20/09/2005 08:07:12   Richard   If its blown water out of the expansion bottle it could be pulling air in from a leaking water pump. Check under the pump for dripping water. The expansion bottle level should only rise a few inches. If its more than this air is getting in the system. First try bleeding the system with the engine running. If it isnt the pump or air in the system get a garage to test for exhaust fumes in the expansion tank, which would point to a head gasket problem.
If you are not having these problems and its just running hot then make sure the rad is flushed and in good condition. Recoring an early rad with a third row of cores and fitting an electric fan should solve your problems.  
22/09/2005 09:59:07   Rob   Thanks, I have flushed and bled the system and I can't see a leak from the pump, but I suppose a faulty pump would make sense as it heats up when in traffic so I suppose it isn't pumping the water around. Is the pump easy to replace?  
22/09/2005 11:54:42   Alex   It's a bitch to replace because you have to drain the system completely and remove the front plate that holds the headlights, the rad and the alternator in order to get anything of a workspace. If memory serves me right there is one bolt that is still then hardly accessible. When you have done all this you might as well remove the engine front plate with water pump. It's extra work but you save a lot of hassle with the pump replacement. However, I think your first must-do is having your head gaskets checked and if these are ok the rad recored.  
22/09/2005 12:28:02   Richard   It comes off ok, but the bolts are hard to get to. I wouldnt take the front case off. You have to break the gasket seal at the sump ( and hope it doesnt break up) and will have to replace the gasket on the front case.
I have never found drain the water system hard, it has good bleeds to help when refilling, try a rear engine car with no bleed on the front rad!  
22/09/2005 12:30:17   Richard   Intresting point is that the front plate can corrode or wear where the pump vane is. This reduces its effect.  
22/09/2005 12:38:21   Richard   I would go round the water system (including heater) and make sure you have no leaks.
An electric fan might be your solution. The engine driven fan pulls less air through at low engine speeds. You can get up to a 11" electirc fan (slim) in front of the rad between the front grill and the rad.  
23/09/2005 11:47:12   Alex   Breaking up de sump gasket is no sweat, just scrape everything off (that could be a sweat) and replace it with liquid gasket. I did the same thing when I took off the front plate for sanding and painting. That the engine runs hot in traffic can happen, but should only happen in warm weather. An additional electric fan is a solution but only when you are sure that the cooling system is functioning properly. Judging by the symptoms of gurgling, clonking and regurgitating (I had to look this word up in the dictionary) I think the head gaskets are the problem; I experienced the same phenomena once mine had gone. When it comes down to flushing the rad, when it is old you'll never get all the blockage out. Have it recored and preferably with a row extra. A bit of extra cooling capacity won't hurt. On I read a lot of stories from Sonett owners who tried to improve cooling capacity with all kind of solutions (like the Red Line Water Wetter) and found out in the end that a recore solved all misery. Bear in mind that a Sonett rad has the same dimensions as a 99/900 rad and is capable of a lot more cooling than a 96 rad, so it takes a lot longer before its capacity becomes insufficient.  
23/09/2005 12:41:57   Richard   I run a three core rad and dont need to use the fan with a 1815cc engine, getting it up to temp is the hard thing.
Head gaskets do go and usually leak some gases in to the water jacket. See above for testing for fumes.
You need a really small socket set with A UJ to get the pump off easy.  
26/09/2005 21:15:35   Trevor   We had exactly the same noises on the '74 96v4 we brought back to kent from Devon, we were convinced it was head-gasket , but it was eventually traced to the steel pipe the runs from the thermostat housing and has an indentation to help the old carbs heat-up ( the car is now on a weber carb) being totally blocked , problem solved no funny noises and no dumping of coolant.  
28/09/2005 13:07:35   Rob   Thanks for all the help  

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