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20/09/2005 16:48:08   Richard   They do look to be a bit more offset than std, but it's hard to say from the photo. Mine are oval offsets, I still think they look weak compaired to the later wheels.  
20/09/2005 18:23:19   John Wood   I am not sure if you would call them offset. But they do look as if they are the standard 4.5J steel wheel as fitted to the Sonnet and which were marketed as optional extra for 95's and 96's. The extra 1/2in was added to the outer side of the wheel so that the studs for the hub cap were level with the wheel rim. This wheel which had a reinforced wheel bolt hole was used by the Comp Dept from 1968-1971 on the Rally Cars prior to change to the Soccer Ball alloys. There was a further offset wheel which is usually identified by round vent holes, which Simmo Lampinen used on 1968 1000 Lakes Rally but I understand that they were not used much after this as they put too much strain on the driveshafts.  
20/09/2005 18:43:40   john skeldon   i contacted the seller asking if the wheels were original he seemed to think so, i think this car should have rubber bumpers, with the plastic grille, seller says bumpers original, i worked for a saab dealer when these cars were new im sure they had rubber bumpers anybody know? thanks
20/09/2005 18:58:52   john wyatt   Have not seen the car on ebay but if it is the silver limited edition chrome bumpers are correct the later burgundy cars should have rubber bumpers.  
21/09/2005 12:43:56   Richard   The wheels arnt original and would have had damler dart wheel trims fitted on most cars.
The plastic grill came in a year earlier than the rubber bumpers, so the bumpers are right on this car as with all the Silver Jubilee models.  
22/09/2005 09:45:17   Alistair   I did contact him and he couldn't find any markings in the centre of the wheel to indicate 4.5", I'm pretty sure they all say so in the centre behind the hub cap. They certainly look a little offset to me though.

This car should definitely have the later square hole wheels (4") and the ugly wheel trims.  
22/09/2005 11:12:16   simon   Thought I was seeing things too Al. . .
I don't care what you call her - she looks cute 'n lovely - I'm bidding even if she won't sell seperately to the car ;)  

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