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22/09/2005 17:14:03   mark   I can get my hands on a anti roll bar for my 96.Is it worth having?  
22/09/2005 19:03:53   simon   I prefer them, many don't.
So I guess that's '1' to the Yes's.  
23/09/2005 08:02:30   Richard   helps on fast A and B roads, with fast sweeping bends, not as good on bumpy twisty lanes. I use them on both my road cars.  
23/09/2005 09:02:40   Rens   what does it actually do?
it makes the car stiffer or something? or it doesn't let it lean over?  
23/09/2005 09:53:12   Senor Burt   It does as it says and stops the front end rolling about so much.
It increases initial understeer, but makes the car corner flatter making it more stable in fast bends.  
23/09/2005 13:00:39   Richard   Basically it tranfers dymanically some of the load of the less important inside wheel to the out side wheel. The more load on the outside wheel (unless you have neg weight transfer like a F1 Car) the better it turns as long as the tyre can tranfer this grip to the road. If you have too little load for a given tyre then it wont work to its best abilty, If you over load the tyre it wont work to its best ability. This is why you go to one person and their roll bar helped turn in and another did the same mod and it caused understeer.
Anyway I am sure a 96 projects a load of its weight into the neigbouring field. I did start to work out the dynamic weight transfer of the Car for a 1G corner at one point (geek).  
26/09/2005 09:41:10   Alec   SAAB removed this from the later cars and put stiffer springs on which I think actually work better. My car has the anti-roll bar on but my friends does not and I would say that his corners better than mine.
You can of course use the later stiffer springs with an anti-roll bar as well.  
26/09/2005 11:12:18   erik   I have a '79 model and thus I should have the stiffer springs ? Even so, the car does have a fair bit of body-roll : should I start saving for adjustable spax with shortened springs ? I like my cars really stiff, wouldn't mind lesser comfort etc.... Suggestions anybody ?  
26/09/2005 11:55:30   simon   Fit an antiroll bar and 99 Turbo gas shocks. Cheap quick and readily available. Much 'better' ride IMHO. Oh yeah chop half > 3/4 of a turn off your current springs.  
26/09/2005 14:34:33   Steve H   I have one car with one, one without. I find the car without takes longer to settle into a corner i.e. settle at the angle of lean it wants for the corner. The car with is more flicakable. However both of these traits are before grip is lost.

Don't do the spring chop. I did previously and it was horrid and stopped me going along any road with speed humps without having to remount my exhaust. Fit Axo shocks and turn up the adjustments. I did recently and even at setting 7 (of 14) it was too firm for me.
(I will start a new string on this one)  
26/09/2005 16:34:47   Alistair   As has been said it's a matter of preference, but my experience of cars with the ARB is they lift the inside wheel too easily in tighter turns, and you end up with even more wheelspin pulling round roundabouts etc.

I suspect on a slightly lowered car, the roll centre would drop and this might become less of an issue?  
26/09/2005 19:33:09   mark   From your replies it seems to be trial and error.I think I'll get the ARB and see how it goes after all i can always remove it.cheers guys.  

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