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22/09/2005 23:18:22   SimonC   I'm hoping you can solve a little mystery for me . . .

I've got 2 Saab wing mirrors on my car, which I recently removed for cleaning etc - however on closer inspection - they are different sizes!?!

One has the normal 'Frese' logo on the back and the mirror is recessed inside, held in with a black plastic surround, but the other one has a smaller mirror/surround (same size arm as the other one) but has no logo on the back and the mirror is flush with the edge.

I can send a photo if it helps.

Any ideas?


23/09/2005 09:03:51   Rens   i think it's the different between left and right... that sound the most logical to me!  
23/09/2005 13:03:30   Richard   No there are the same on both sides. No idea unless a different supplier was used or it was off a different car and made in a similar style and used the same fixings.
26/09/2005 11:56:50   simon   I have experienced this - they are slightly different - why the fuss?  
02/10/2005 17:54:26   ian f   The smaller one looks like the ones fitted to my old '66 longnose.  

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