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26/09/2005 14:39:44   Steve H   After experimenting with 7 (out of 14) - too firm. Then 0 at the front and 7 at the back - okay but bumpy for the kids and not good on speed bumps. Now 2 at both, which seems fine but I going to try moving to 4 at the front.

What do you do?  
26/09/2005 16:23:36   bill rawles   5 on the front 7 on the rear with springs off a 95. Which ever end of a car you make stiffer will tend to be the end that grips less when cornering thus stiffer at the back will hopefully cancel out a little of a v4's natural understeer tendancies - thats the theory!!!  
26/09/2005 16:24:38   bill rawles   ps I don't have kids and the dog can't complain!!  
26/09/2005 16:58:40   Richard   I run around 12 on the front of the rally car. On the rear you can push down on the rear bumper and it will move up and down a fair bit, but this is with 99 rally Billies on the rear.
Saab didnt run them too stiff . I use to run the Avo's around 9 or 10 on the back, but the billies are a lot softer and work better. Pitty they dont do the front rally dampers anymore. You can only get 99 rally spec and they are too stiff.
The Saab does not work unless it rolls a bit, it seems to upset the balance. Dont set the dampers too stiff for the springs otherwise you get a slow weight transfer into a corner then the car handles different once it has settled.
Remember weight tranfer is controlled by rebound usually on the other end of the car and the rebound stroke will be stiffer than the bump. If you dont have seperate bump and rebound controls you usually go for setting the dampers up on the rebound if the surface is smooth.  
11/10/2005 14:22:40   Steve H   Thanks Richard. But what's your verdict if I have AXOs all round? Stiffer at the front or rear? I have moved to 4 on the front and this is allot more sure footed on the motorway and over speed bumps. should I do the same to the rear?  

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