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26/09/2005 21:19:22   Trevor   Just wondered, has anyone fitted a second-hand fan from a brakers yard and if so from which car. The grill is off at the moment for painting so it seems a good time to fit a fan.  
26/09/2005 21:42:17   Alex   I put in an additional fan from a 99 left of the mechanical fan. This was 15 years ago and fan technology improved since then. The expansion bottle was removed for this. As the left side of the fan was not behind the rad the extra cooling capacity was not as high as could be but it still made a difference. I have seen Ford Escort fans that looked quite slim, may be an easier fit.  
27/09/2005 08:03:05   Richard   You are better getting a Pacet fan 10 - 11" with the thermal switch. Try a second hand motorsport dealer. I got mine from Jason Leapley.  
27/09/2005 08:36:18   Rens   what's so bad about the original fan that everybody want's to put in an electric?  
27/09/2005 12:39:56   Richard   I didnt have a problem on my std road car even in hot conditions, but an electric fan does have benefits like quicker warm up time.  
28/09/2005 09:25:49   Alistair   I think a lot of people have trouble with overheating due to (partially) clogged rads and poorly bled systems, and the best thing to start with is a recore. I had no end of hassle with one of mine, but I was a skint student and couldn't afford a new one. I think it was the radweld I put in to fix a small leak that really did for it...  

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