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27/09/2005 08:06:15   Richard   We had Craig Wallace in the car for a test and he was pritty good on the maps, so we are all go for the RAC.  
27/09/2005 09:06:33   Clive   I will be watching again around Castle O'er and Heathhall on the Monday so will look out for you. Should be a cracking event!  
27/09/2005 11:28:49   Alistair   I might have a problem getting to the weekend stages but hope to get out Monday/Tuesday...  
27/09/2005 12:37:07   Richard   We are only out on the Monday along with the other v4 of Clive Alock. Give Martin Shaw a cheer in his 1400 mk2 Escort (team Slaithwaite MC). I wont be keeping up with that thing!  
27/09/2005 12:43:37   Richard   Talking of motorsport we are out at Scamonden (If its running) this Sunday. That will be the end of my lead in the 2000cc class when the pug 205 gti blows me off. I am safe knowing that the organisers put me in the wrong class and I applied for the 1700cc class.  
28/09/2005 13:09:33   Richard   Scamonden is off unless we want to leap over a road works trench.
So I guess I unoffically win the 2000cc road going class infront of a 1.9 205 gti, Seat thingy, Scooby Legacy and something else I carnt remember cos its boring.
I also finish 5 o/a if you get the rounds so everybody can drop one, otherwise its 7 o/a.  

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