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23/03/2003 03:48:13   Phil Ross   Help - I've drained the engine oil and the transmission oil
from my (just aquired - first SAAB) 1971 '96 V-4 1700.
Could you tell me what oil to put in the transmission and how much of it - also what is the engine capacity, inc'l filter.
23/03/2003 23:33:48   Louis   Hi Phil
The 1700 cc (I have one too) has the same sump capacity as the 1500 cc (unless modified) same for the 'box. Howerver I shall check my books and tell you the exact volums...  
24/03/2003 07:42:34   bill rawles   Just in case you are urgently waiting to get back on the road!
Engine inc filter 5.8 imperial pints 3.3 litres
Gearbox 3.0 imperial pints 1.7 litres  
24/03/2003 12:34:20   louis   Bill got there first, I confirm the same volums.
See ya!  
24/03/2003 20:53:36   jake   phil, how do you know it is a 1.7 how can you tell it is a seventeen hundred does it tell you on the block or is it only on the log book i've seen a 1.3 cologne engine and it looked just the same well it was only in a picture i just wondered are you in the uk? i did'nt think they did a 1.7 in the uk in 1971 anyway all the best jake  

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