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27/09/2005 14:20:48   Rupert Elmore   Look out for the new Robbie Williams music video, It features a Saab 95. It's a two stoke I think with a fairly early dash board. Not a Robbie fan but good on him for using a classic 95.  
27/09/2005 22:23:06   Senor Burt   Tried it, but found I couldn't stand to look at or listen to Mr W for more than 5 seconds. So I didn't get to the SAAB bit.  
28/09/2005 14:03:59   Steve B   That's a truely awful song - great car though.
A 2 stroke I agree but it must be freewheeling 'cause there's not enough smoke coming out the back  
28/09/2005 15:16:16   Senor Burt   Thanks that's much better. By the look of the gauges it could do with running a bit warmer. Could do with fuel too.
He's risking it a bit carrying that child around in the front seat. It looks like it's going to vomit on his upholstery. Maybe it's heard his 'music'.
Looks like it could be an early V4. Looks like a long-nose to me. Could be a late 2-T though.  
28/09/2005 16:57:59   Richard   Pitty it is not someone thats got substance driving it. Who's going to care about Robbie in 30 years time. Good in your face performer doing the usual pop stuff (god I had to admit to that).
Has anyone also see the Whale album 'All disco music must end in broken bones' (catchy name)? The album is pants but it features a 900 with spots on the front then a 900 on fire on the inside (different car). I think the band is from Finland (say no more).  

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