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01/10/2005 16:46:03   Gus   Having re-fitted my new water pump twice, I'm beginning to wonder if the blue hylomar gasket sealant is the best stuff for the job?! Although it claims to be suitable for water pumps I now have my doubts...what gasket cement has anyone else used succesfully on a v4 water pump?


01/10/2005 19:38:31   ian   have you used a paper gasket as well....  
01/10/2005 19:46:29   Gus   Hi Ian,

I've tried it with and without gaskets - the notes on the back of the blue hylomar pack recommended without...I cleaned the surfaces back with thinners, dried it all off, so it was nice and clean, but to no avail. Not sure what to ty next! Wondering if the 'new' water pump has a dodgy bearing seal?  
03/10/2005 11:29:40   Alex   Did you give it time to dry?  
03/10/2005 19:50:59   Gus   Hi Alex,

I wouldn't have said it was dry - I gave it a few mins for the 'solvents to evaporate', but that was it...I've used the red hermetite stuff on other parts, like the thermostat, which works great...

04/10/2005 11:22:43   Alex   I think you did not give it enough time to dry. I used the blue stuff from Loctite and the instructions read that it needed more than just a few minutes to dry. By heart I believe it's completely dry after 24 hours. When you use this stuff, apply it on the surface, screw the water pump down onto the front plate but don't tighten the bolts completely. Let the sealant dry for 24 hours and then tighten the bolts completely. This should work.  

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