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03/10/2005 22:14:51   Jez   Hi
My much loved but sadly neglected 96 V4 has sat in the garden too long (years-oops) and now has a seized clutch (amongst other problems). Iwas wondering if anybody out there has experienced this and has a good way of freeing the clutch ???
04/10/2005 16:24:01   mark   One way is let the engine warm up then try.or start the car in gear drive slowly and then put your foot on the brakes and clutch at the same time again best tried with a warm engine  
05/10/2005 14:12:07   Jez   Thanks - I'll give that a try.
First off I've got to get the carb working right as I think the idle jet or route to it is gummed up. It's ok on throttle but won't tick over.  
06/10/2005 01:24:29   Alistair   Suggestion to clear that carb: remove air filter, have a friend start it & keep it running, rev it up to 4500+ (ie noisy!), cover carb with your hand to seal it, then pump the throttle linkage like hell, remove your hand & let it fire again just before it stalls - do this repeatedly for a few minutes and it should evetually clear the crud from the carb.  
07/10/2005 17:52:19   Alex   If you want to be friendly to a cold engine buy yourself a spraycan of carb cleaner and use that. Take the top off the carb and look for the jet at the bottom of the float bowl. Quite a chance that the whole is gummed up. If so poke it open with a needle or a pin.  
07/10/2005 22:50:15   Alistair   Worth a try, for sure, but I've never had much luck with carb cleaner though - and it has a tendency to back fire on you so keep your eye-brows out of the way ;-)  
08/10/2005 22:20:01   Jez   Thanks to Alex and Alistair - the "A" Team. I'll try one or other of those suggestions. I've got some carb cleaner sitting the garage waiting to be used so I might try that. I also get the concept of getting the engine to really suck the offending particles our of the yet by restricting the appropriate airflow. Cheers :-)  

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