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07/10/2005 13:00:28   Clive   I was thinking of getting a K&N Air Filter to use with a Weber 28/36 DCD. There seems to be a choice of two that will fit. Both are the same oval shape but one is much taller than the other. I have seen both types fitted to 96s so I know there is space under the bonnet for the taller filter but is there any benefit to be had in fitting this one rather than the shallower type?

The engine will be standard apart from a Simons exhaust, double barrel inlet manifold and the aforementioned carb.  
07/10/2005 22:47:59   Alistair   If you have space for the taller filter, get it. It'll be less restrictive and airflow will be smoother than squeezing through a little one. Have a think about the K&N cloth type versus a foam type like ITG though. I've heard a lot of people claim that K&Ns are far from the best these days...  
11/10/2005 07:30:33   Clive   Thanks for the reply Alistair. So if I'm thinking of a foam type of air filter such as ITG, which is the more suitable shape of filter to get? There are flat topped and domed versions available.

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