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24/03/2003 17:12:19   helen moss   hello , does anyone have any good recomendations for cheap classic insurance, ive just bought a saab 96 v4 deluxe 1967 and need to find reasonable insurance.
thanks everyone..  
24/03/2003 18:25:48   Alec   I use a broker called Peter Best and am currently with Cornhill.

You can contact Peter Best on 01376 573033  
24/03/2003 20:58:14   jake   hi helen i use the good old c.i.s they are always competative cheers jake  
30/03/2003 21:04:58   ian   Hi Helen,
Two of my V4's are currently insured with AON (tel: 01384 455011).  
31/03/2003 14:26:04   Steve H   My wife has her V4 insured with Diamond who specialise in insuring women and she gets much better rates than me for mine. No contact details im afriad but they are big so you should be able to find them on a web search.  

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