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16/10/2005 20:40:48   Clive   Now on eBay... item no. 4583124825  
25/10/2005 14:17:47   john wyatt   I watched the auction on this the car it did not even reach 1500, it seems to me V4's are drastically undervalued does anyone know if any of the more expensively advertised cars ever sell?, I know from my own selling ebay can be a bit fickle but that seems really poor  
26/10/2005 07:36:40   Richard S   I think Tom's Jubilee when for around 3000 on ebay.  
28/10/2005 21:03:33   Alistair   Would have done better with a better worded ad I think. I'm going to get in touch with the seller again when I have time...  
05/11/2005 01:03:35   Alistair   It's back on ebay, must ring him to suggest a better format for the ad...  
08/11/2005 07:57:11   Richard   He would be better off having the repairs done and selling the car with a MOT.  
17/11/2005 23:02:15   john wyatt   My dad bought this car on ebay, we picked it up and drove it up the road on Saturday, I did not realise how tired every 96 I have owned really was until I drove this car, passed MOT yesterday after a couple of small jobs, another set of wheels have been blasted and painted and are ready to go on hopefully tomorrow, ready for the borders run at the weekend.  
18/11/2005 00:40:24   Alistair   Excellent - I really glad it's gone to a good home! Isn't it a peach?!  
28/11/2005 00:18:49   ian smith   Dear Forum,have been looking regularly for saab 96 on ebay and now widening search.I was a 96 owner in the eighties and have wanted to buy one of the later rubber bumper that after 76? Saw a lovely looking brown one on ebay that went for less than 500.Sadly I live in Cardiff and the logistics of getting it here fron Essex were too much.Also I am not a mechanic. I am looking for 96 rubber bumpered car( colour optional) in good/ excellent condition with an MOT.preferably within 100 miles of Cardiff.I also wish to know of good saab garage or mechanic in the south wales area who can if necessary be trusted to do any work that might be needed in the future.ANY HELP FROM YOU GUYS OUT THERE WOULD BE MARVELLOUS!
29/11/2005 12:46:08   Richard   Ian, I have seen a couple of Saabs for sale in that area over the last year. Maybe Ian Meakin might know of any for sale (now we just have to hope he see's this).  

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