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11/10/2005 12:47:54   Drew Bedelph   Does anyone know if and where I can source a NOS fuel pump from? Just out of interest, does andyone know what year did Saab go away from the replaceable diaphragm type and fit the later sealed pump?


11/10/2005 23:28:50   John Wood ( Woody)   There have been nos and used pumps listed on Ebay recently. One NOS item I recollect went for over 50.00, which I think was a bit steep.
The sealed pump was listed as from 96722016850; 96722019377-USA;96726004170-;95722006136-;95722007335-,USA;95726000051-.
This pump was recommended by Saab for twinchoke and double carbs. The Competitions Dept. used them to feed twin 45DCOEs.
I believe the same pump was used on early Ford Capris and Granadas. There are some S/H ones on ebay at present.  
12/10/2005 13:16:05   Senor Burt   Surely these are still available new? If not, an electric pump is easy enough to fit.  
12/10/2005 22:10:37   Danski   think ive got an electric pump in my shed want me to have a look?  
25/10/2005 12:36:33   Richard S   They were used on Fords
Try a ford specialist.
03/11/2005 20:27:11   chrisP   I think I remember it as being the same pump as a Ford Kent engine  

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